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pierce woodwork

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Woodworking & Me


Woodworking has been a passion of mine for most of my life. Being able to express myself, create, and provide services for my community through my work is a great privilege. Influence for my work comes from many places, but when making anything I design and construct with the intent of it lasting generations .  


Custom Pieces


When creating a custom piece I take a lot into consideration, what a client is envisioning, the space it will be in, intended use, wood species, and ergonomics.  Each piece is unique with many opportunity’s to express a client's desire while still being able to add my touch or influence to it.


“I do not try consciously to make my pieces reflect their maker but hope that my furniture is  an outgoing part of my personality and my way of thinking.” 

- Sam Maloof-


Contact / TEL: 541-864-9955

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The Wood

Wood is obviously a large part of my work. All woods I select to work with are either sustainably harvested, urban farmed or reclaimed. 

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